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( Yes ( No If Yes please complete a Prospective Tenderers Information form (attached) for each company being invited to respond.Tender Title / Tender Name (This should be a short, concise title with a maximum of 200 characters)Complete explanation of the tender details should appear in the Description field (below).Description: (Note: this field is optional and the information provided in this box will only be displayed on the SA Tenders & Contracts website)InSkill SA: Procurement specification documents for State Government works and service contracts valued at $250,000 or more (GST inclusive) must include the InSkill SA registration requirement.Do the InSkill SA requirements apply to this Tender? ( Yes ( No Tender Briefing Location: Date: //.. Time ..AM/PM Mandatory: ( Yes ( No Special Instructions/Notes:Tender Specifications: Specification documents have a range of accessibility options, including electronic download, in-person collection, postal and fax deliveryThe physical location where the prospective tenderers can pick-up the tender documents: Physical Location: Available by Electronic Download: Tender documents to be uploaded by the Agency to the website.Tender Enquiries / Contact Insert the name and contact details of the Agency Officer(s) responsible for responding to enquiries relating to the tenderContact information is displayed on the tender details page:List Document Recipients This option controls whether Prospective Tenderers have their details published on the website.( Yes ( No These details will be visible to other registered Prospective TenderersTender Box Location: Location where hard copy tender responses will be receivedPhysical Location:Tender ad required to appear in the press every week while the tender is open: requires exemption authorisation( Yes ( No Publications:A tender can only be advertised in a regional newspaper appropriate to the tenderer. The advertising form allows control over this information. When the tender is saved, this information in the advertising page and some of the tender information is forwarded to the media provider (Blaze Advertising on 8130 1900) where appropriate. A tender can only be advertised in a regional newspaper appropriate to the tenderer. Exemption to advertise in any interstate newspaper must be given by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Government Communications Advice ( HYPERLINK "mailto:DPCCommunicationsUnit@sa.gov.au" DPCCommunicationsUnit@sa.gov.au or ph: 8226 2935. www.govcommunications.sa.gov.au The guidelines can be found  HYPERLINK "http://www.govcommunications.sa.gov.au/system/files/DPC%20Circular%20009%20updated%20June%202015_0.pdf" here. Where advertising does not meet these guidelines, units need to apply to for an exemption. Please ensure that the exemption email is attached to this completed proforma. If you require further clarification on exemptions please email: satendersandcontracts@sa.gov.au. Nominate one or more publications in which you wish the advertisement to appear from the list below: ( *The Australian ( *Weekend Australian ( *Financial Review * require exemption authorisation ( Angaston Leader ( Balaklava Plains Producer ( Bordertown Border Chronicle ( Burra Broadcaster ( Ceduna West Coast Sentinel ( Clare Northern Argus ( Coober Pedy Regional Times ( Eyre Peninsula Tribune ( Flinders News ( Gawler Bunyip ( Kadina YP Country Times ( KI Islander ( Kingston Leader ( Loxton News ( Millicent SE Times ( Mount Gambier Border Watch ( Mt Barker Courier ( Murray Bridge Standard ( Naracoorte Herald ( Penola Pennant ( Pinnaroo Border Times ( Port Augusta Transcontinental ( Port Lincoln Times ( Port Pirie Recorder ( Renmark Murray Pioneer ( Riverland Weekly ( Roxby Downs Monitor ( Roxby Downs Sun ( Strathalbyn Southern Argus ( Tanunda Herald ( Victor Harbour Times ( Waikerie River News ( Whyalla News  Advertisement Proofs: Send advertising proofs to: Name: Phone: Fax: Email:Agency Purchase Order Number:To be quoted for the payment of advertising expenses where applicableInvoice Address:Advertising Account to be sent to: Name: Address:Specify Section For Single Ad: Requires exemption authorisation Make a selection as to which section of the paper the advertisement is to appear. Please select from the following: ( Auction ( Aviation ( Business pages ( Classified ( Computers ( EGN Display ( Entertainment/Arts ( Executive Appointment ( Government Appointment ( Higher Education ( Medical ( Motor Vehicle ( Positions Vacant ( Public Notices ( Real Estate ( Supplements ( Other (answer below) Notes for Media Provider:Please advise of any additional information that needs to be forwarded to the media provider:      GOVERNMENT TENDERS  .0Y[gi  9 : O P ~  ` a b n o  ùùܴܬ||m|m|m|hI h B*CJ^Jph hI h 0JCJOJQJ^JhI h CJ^J h h hA=h CJ^JaJhh \ h \hD[CJ^JaJh@{1h CJ^JaJh@{1h 5CJ\h hA=CJ^JaJh h CJ^JaJh 5CJ\' Z[i 8 YLL; 4 hx$Ifgd x$Ifgd kd$$Ifl  20 *D=  %0  *44 lap %ytb< 4 xx$IfgdA= x$Ifgdb<8 9 P  a wj]L; 4 xx$Ifgd  4 hx$Ifgd x$IfgdA= x$Ifgd kd$$Ifl  20 *D=  %0  *44 lap %ytb<a b n o wj]M>>> & F<$Ifgd $xx$Ifa$gd x$Ifgdb< x$Ifgd kd:$$Ifl  20 *D=  %0  *44 lap %ytb<  % C U V g h[L 4 x$Ifgd x$Ifgd#mkd$$Ifl  20 *D=  %0  *44 lap %ytb< & F<$Ifgd   $ % B C T V f g % ' B vob]PGh 5CJ\h#mh#mCJ^JaJ h#m\h h CJ^JaJ h 5CJ h5CJ \h 5CJ \ h CJ  joh CJ hD[ h 5\hh \h hI h CJ^J h h hI h CJ^JaJhI h B*CJ^Jph hI h 0JCJOJQJ^J$hI h 0JCJOJQJ^JaJ & ' B ZM@ x$Ifgd#m x$Ifgd#mkdt$$Ifl  20 *D=  %0  *44 lap %ytb<  4 $Ifgd $ 4 $Ifa$gd  x y { >?FMuvz{5ݿԍ}un h!h1h#mh#m\hnh1h mH sH h#mhh5hh#m5hh#m5CJ  johh#m5CJ h!hy< h!h#mh#mh#m5CJ^JaJh 5CJ\h@{1h#m\h h#mh#mCJ^JaJhA=CJ^JaJ+ y z fYL?  4 $Ifgdb< x$IfgdD[ x$Ifgd#mkd$$Ifl  20 *D=  %0  *44 lap %ytb< 4 xx$IfgdA=z { ?tuwjj[N>$ 4 $Ifa$gd  4 $Ifgd#m 4 $Ifgd#m x$Ifgd#mkd$$Ifl  20 *D=  %0  *44 lap %ytb<wsfYJ=  4 $Ifgd#m 4 x$Ifgd#m x$Ifgdb< x$Ifgd#mkdK$$Ifl  20 *D=  %0  *44 lap %ytb<5[N x$Ifgd#mkd$$Ifl  20 *D=  %0  *44 lap %ytb< 4 x$Ifgd#m  4 $Ifgd#m5,-./0 & F 4 x$IfgdD[  4 $Ifgd1 & F 4 $Ifgd1 4 x$Ifgd1 x$IfgdA=0Rz{)*fgh)ɼӸ{naWOGaWhh5hh15hh15CJ  johh15CJ hh1CJ^JaJ hD[h1hD[h1^Jh#mh1\hA=5CJ^JaJh1h15CJ^JaJh1h15\aJh#mh1hD[CJ^JaJhD[CJ^JaJh1h1CJ^JaJ)h!h10JB*CJOJQJaJphh1 h!h1*gwj]N 4 x$Ifgd1 x$IfgdA= x$Ifgd1kd$$Ifl  20 *D=  %0  *44 lap %ytb<gh?wjjXK< 4 x$Ifgd1  4 $Ifgd1$ 4 x$Ifa$gd1 x$Ifgd1kd"$$Ifl  20 *D=  %0  *44 lap %ytb<)>?@U !$%&')*8op㞒~vnjcWPEjhnDhnDU hnDhnDheth7T5CJaJ h7T5CJh7Th1mH sH htwmH sH hh15CJaJhh7T5hh7T5CJ aJ johh7T5CJ aJheth7T5^JaJ h7T5\h1h1CJaJh!h1CJaJhh1CJ^JaJh1h15\aJh1h1CJ^JaJh1?@Uwj_N & F$Ifgd1 x$Ifgd1 x$Ifgd1kd$$Ifl  20 *D=  %0  *44 lap %ytb<%wjZ$$Ifa$gd7T x$Ifgd1kd\$$Ifl  20 *D=  %0  *44 lap %ytb<%&')8wuqfXKKK  4 $IfgdnD $7$8$H$Ifgd7T $Ifgd7Tkd$$Ifl  20 *D=  %0  *44 lap %ytb<p   "679Jlmn~}}u}u}u}u}u}h~c CJaJ)h^h%&B*CJ^JaJnH phtH h^h%&CJaJ joh^h%&CJaJh7Th7TCJaJ h7T5 h7TCJ joh7TCJh7ThnDhnD0JjhnDUjhnDUhnDjhnDhnDU hnDhnD.  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