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Broadband Telecommunications Services
Issued By Local Government Association of South Australia
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The LGA have established a steering committee to investigate the possibility of operating certain shared services activities to contain costs, share expertise or skills, or increase service provision. This initiative is called the “Shared IT services project” This is not a new concept, and some councils already share the same library applications (referred to as the SWAP library Network). The main drivers for this initiative have been;

- Increasing complexity of applications and technology;
- the need for greater access to and availability of local government systems;
- the scarcity of specialised IT skills needed to run and maintain the systems, and;
- the Increasing demand to transact electronically with local government.

One of the objectives for Stage 1 of the LGA Shared Services project, completed in November 2003, was to determine the level of support from within the Local Government Sector for such an initiative. Twenty eight councils responded and almost 1/3rd of respondents registered a HIGH level of interest in Shared Services (with implementation to be achieved within the next two years). Furthermore, a further 1/3rd of respondents expressed a MEDIUM interest in the concept. The business processes or services favoured by individual councils to be implemented via Shared Services are:

- Library applications
- IT Technical Support
- Geographical Information Systems, and;
- Electoral Roll.

The enabler of much of the planned shared services initiatives will be some broadband provision in place at each council. The council plan in the first instance to explore the possibility of extending the SWAP library network to other councils. To this end and are now requesting quotation for the provisions of Ethernet terminated fibre links for each of the council, in a variety of differing bandwidths for evaluation and business case evaluation.

In the first instance, we require quotations for 100Mbps 10Mbps and 2Mbps, for the metro councils indicated in section 3.3 Current Sites and Distribution. We also require an indication of possible provision and indicative pricing for some rural libraries, which have also been identified in section 3.3. Respondents should indicate what potential broad band provision could be offered to these libraries, and indicative costs.

Quotations should clearly indicate costs for establishment of the links, and any annual fees that may be applied to the links. No management for these links will be required.