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7.81.177 - Supply and Implementation of a Corporate System for Alexandrina Council
Issued By Alexandrina Council
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Enterprise system management software



The majority of Alexandrina Council's business operations are undertaken through a centralised corporate system.  The current system has been used by Council for the past 18 years and has become outdated.  In addition Council uses a further 21 more minor software products.

The current system does not provide the level of legislative compliance in regards to electronic document and records management system, does not have a suitable customer request management system and does not easily provide online engagement with our customers. 

Customers (ratepayers, residents, local business owners, etc.) interacting with Council should be able to do so in a seamless efficient manner that provides timely and transparent responses, using simple and modern technology.  The current corporate system does not allow this to take place and as a consequence there are disjointed work processes in place, requests can be mishandled, subsequently customer experience and staff productivity are negatively impacted. 

The Council also has a strategic objective to provide a holistic view of customers and their interactions with the Council. To achieve this objective, the Council is looking for system capabilities to provide (or integrate with) a customer self-service portal through which customers may interact with all areas of the Council’s business that deal with customers.

The Council is also looking for facilities which enable customers to deal online with the Council, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Council expects a significant rise in the use of online services, and increasingly, mobile ready services. 

The Council and / or the successful provider will:

  • identify and document the requirements and key user scenarios for the major business processes carried out within the Council;
  • perform a gap analysis to determine which areas of required functionality are not included in the selected systems;
  • carry out tender or request for quote processes (as required) to select systems to fill the required functional gaps;
  • complete data cleansing activities within the existing system to ensure that data is in a suitable state for conversion to the new systems;
  • implement the vendor corporate system (or systems) and other required systems within the Council’s IT environment;
  • perform data conversion processes to ready all systems for use by the Council’s staff;
  • execute acceptance testing of the systems to ensure that agreed capability and performance specifications are met;
  • carry out training to ensure that staff are prepared and able to use the new systems;
  • plan and implement a set of change management activities to support staff in their use of the new systems; and
  • document processes and procedures to guide staff through the methods required by the new systems to complete their business activities.

The Council wishes to explore options for the delivery of the Goods which will provide a corporate system for the Council (Project).

The Council’s initial parameters with respect to the Goods are set out in this Project Brief.  The Council expressly reserves the right to amend the Project Brief at any time.

The successful tenderer will provide and implement a corporate system (or Systems) to support all aspects of Council business.

This will be an exclusive contract to deliver the services. The term of the contract will be 5 years with 5 years extension option/s available at the sole discretion of the Alexandrina Council.

Specification Documents 

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  • 7.81.177 - RFT Supply of Corporate Systems for Alexandrina Council  
    • Version 1 (22/05/2019)
    • Available by Download
  • 7.81.177 - Response Schedules Supply of Corporate Systems for Alexandrina Council  
    • Version 1 (22/05/2019)
    • Available by Download
  • Attachment C 19.21.035 - Draft Goods Agreement  
    • Version 1 (22/05/2019)
    • Available by Download
  • Vendor Statement - Alexandrina Requirements - Final V2  
    • Version 1 (12/06/2019)
    • Available by Download
  • 7.81.177 Supply of Corporate Systems for Alexandrina Council - Addendum 1  
    • Version 1 (12/06/2019)
    • Available by Download


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Tender closes at 2:00 PM Adelaide time 28 August 2019
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