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Provision of Reactive Tree Trimming
Issued By Alexandrina Council
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Tree trimming services


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Alexandrina Council (ABN 20 785 405 351) of PO Box 21 or 11 Cadell Street, Goolwa, SA, 5214  (the Council) invites tenders from Tenderers for the provision of an experienced tree management company to provide a comprehensive and inclusive reactive tree pruning, tree removal, disposal of cut material and stump removal Service (the Services). The Council will enter into a Contract for Services with the successful Tenderer.

In South Australia, the Commissioner of Highways (with assistance from DPTI) controls and maintains the trafficable section of major arterial roads pursuant to the Highways Act 1926. Pursuant to the Local Government Act 1991 however, local councils are responsible for the remainder of the road reserve, including the roadside vegetation, as well as being entirely responsible for all other roads within their district.

As at the date, DPTI controls and maintains 221km of major arterial roads within the Alexandrina Council district whilst Council maintains 530km of sealed roads and 750km of unsealed roads. Council is also responsible for managing an additional 1000km of undeveloped road reserves.

This anticipated expenditure is spread across the following rural and urban tree types:

  • Tree pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Stump removal

The contract specifies the requirements for tree pruning, tree removal, disposal of cut material and stump removal:

the area(s) to be serviced;

Emergency or Category 1 calls   - complete in 24 hours or less from instruction.

Customer Actions - complete in 4 weeks or less from instruction.

The objective is to provide all road users of Alexandrina Council road network, a safe passage along all council controlled roads whilst ensuring minimum disturbance to roadside native vegetation.
The aim is to ensure best management practices for vegetation maintenance works on roadsides are understood and adhered to.
The purpose of this contract applies to the clearance of regrowth vegetation in order to maintain a safe road corridor, or other already established areas of clearance on road reserves along our road network to ensure public safety within the guidelines set out by the Native Vegetation Council and Alexandrina Council’s “Roadside Vegetation Management Plan” and “Tree Management Policy”.

This will be an exclusive contract to deliver the services. The term of the contract will be One (1) year with Two (2) One (1) year extension option/s available at the sole discretion of the Alexandrina Council

Specification Documents 

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  • 7.13.007 Alex RFT - Reactive Tree Trimming  
    • Version 1 (05/07/2019)
    • Available by Download
  • 7.13.007 Alex RFT - Reactive Tree Trimming Response Schedules  
    • Version 1 (05/07/2019)
    • Available by Download
  • 16.21.097 DRAFT Alex Services Agreement - Reactive Tree Trimming  
    • Version 1 (05/07/2019)
    • Available by Download
  • Vegetation Clearance Specification Diagram  
    • Version 1 (05/07/2019)
    • Available by Download
  • RVMP Alexandrina Council_FINAL Adopted_Low res  
    • Version 1 (05/07/2019)
    • Available by Download
  • Alexandrina Council Maps of Phytophthora Roads  
    • Version 1 (05/07/2019)
    • Available by Download
  • Alexandrina WHS Contractor Induction Manual  
    • Version 1 (05/07/2019)
    • Available by Download
  • 7.13.007 Alex Addendum No One - Reactive Tree Trimming Amendments to Closing Time  
    • Version 1 (18/07/2019)
    • Available by Download