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A number of security improvements were made to the SA Tenders and Contract website on 25 March 2009. 

The improvements include improved password security requiring that passwords now need to be more that 6 characters long and contain both alpha and numeric characters plus a feature which will lock out an account for 5 minutes after 5 failed logon attempts. Further details about the changes are provided below.

New Password Structure

Passwords used to access the system need to comply with the following structure.

  • they must be at least 6 characters long;
  • they must contain at least one alpha and one numeric character; and
  • they must  not  contain invalid characters such as percentage symbols, dollar signs, etc.

If your current password does not conform with this format, the system will prompt you to change it when you first log on after the date mentioned above.

5 Minute Lockout

A password security feature has also be introduced which will lock out an account for 5 minutes after 5 failed logon attempts.

If this occurs to you, please wait for 5 minutes and either try again (if you know your password), or use the Retrieve Password feature on the Home Page (if you have forgotten your password).  If you need urgent access, please contact the Helpdesk on the number below to unlock the account.

If you have any enquires regarding these security improvements, please contact the SA Tenders and Contracts Helpdesk on (08) 84621401.