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System Process Changes - Download Tender Specifications and Upload Tender Responses    14 Jan, 2010

From 14 January 2010 the SA Tenders and Contracts website will allow you to easily download tender specification documents to your PC and upload tender responses using ONLY standard HTML technology. The option of using the Java TM Applet has been removed.

Submitting files using the HTML upload method will require that you first select each of the files that constitute your submission from your hard disk, before submitting. If you wish to compress files in order to reduce transfer time, you will have to do this manually using a third-party tool such as WinZip, then select the compressed file that contains your response.

Users currently operating a Windows version earlier than XP will need to upload each submission file unzipped in it’s native format (eg; .doc, .PDF, .TIF, etc). This capability is built into Windows XP and future versions.

When you click ‘Download Documents’ you must ensure that you select the SAVE option to save your documents before you attempt to open them to view and respond.

As per existing requirements, the total size of each upload to the site must not exceed 10 megabytes. If your submission is larger than 10mb, you will need to break it into parts that are less than 10mb each and upload them separately (you can perform multiple uploads to the same request and the files first uploaded are not deleted or overwritten by the second or subsequent upload/s). Do not include any unnecessary large documents (eg; brochures, video files, etc).

Make sure you commence uploading files well in advance of the tender closing time.

If you have any enquires regarding uploading tender responses or downloading tender documents, please contact the SA Tenders & Contracts Helpdesk on (08) 8462 1401.