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SA Tenders and Contracts

Current Tenders 
This page shows all open tenders. The list includes all public tenders, as well as selective tenders to which your business can respond. You must be signed in to see selective tenders.


All (85)
Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services (33)
Cleaning Equipment and Supplies (1)
Commercial and Military and Private Vehicles and their Accessories and Components (2)
Defense and Law Enforcement and Security and Safety Equipment and Supplies (3)
Distribution and Conditioning Systems and Equipment and Components (1)
Drugs and Pharmaceutical Products (1)
Editorial and Design and Graphic and Fine Art Services (2)
Education and Training Services (2)
Electrical Systems and Lighting and Components and Accessories and Supplies (1)
Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services (6)
Environmental Services (1)
Farming and Fishing and Forestry and Wildlife Contracting Services (5)
Farming and Fishing and Forestry and Wildlife Machinery and Accessories (1)
Financial and Insurance Services (2)
Food Beverage and Tobacco Products (1)
Fuels and Fuel Additives and Lubricants and Anti corrosive Materials (1)
Healthcare Services (2)
Industrial Cleaning Services (2)
Industrial Manufacturing and Processing Machinery and Accessories (1)
Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications (7)
Land and Buildings and Structures and Thoroughfares (6)
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services (10)
Medical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies (2)
Politics and Civic Affairs Services (2)
Power Generation and Distribution Machinery and Accessories (1)
Public Utilities and Public Sector Related Services (2)
Service Industry Machinery and Equipment and Supplies (1)
Sports and Recreational Equipment and Supplies and Accessories (1)
Structures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies (5)
Transportation and Storage and Mail Services (1)
Travel and Food and Lodging and Entertainment Services (4)

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